Autism and Developmental Challenges Livestream

Is Your Family Searching For A Better Quality Of Life For Your Child With Developmental Challenges? Look No Further...

In recognition of World Autism Awareness Day, we invite you to participate in a Livestream (virtual) event on Saturday, April 7th Starting At 9:00am ET (6am PT) with the goal of spreading awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental challenges along with providing answers to parents in need.

Autism now affects one in every 68 children in America which means more and more families are struggling to find a better quality of life together. The amount of misinformation is overwhelming and parents are investing enormous amounts of money, time, and emotion without noticing any meaningful improvement.

A child’s autism diagnosis affects every member of the family in different ways.
Parents/caregivers must now place their primary focus on helping their child with ASD, which may put stress on their marriage, other children, work, finances, personal relationships, and responsibilities. Parents now have to shift much of their resources of time and money towards providing treatment and interventions for their child, to the exclusion of other priorities. The needs of a child with ASD complicates familial relationships especially with siblings.

But there is a better and a more effective approach which is why we invite you to participate in this Livestream where you will hear from 5 different experts who have dedicated their lives to supporting children and families in need with answers to the most common questions that families face.

Make sure to register - share this opportunity with everyone you value - and get ready to change your life.

Just In Case We Have Not Met, My Name Is Rebecca Rogers I'm a Nurse and Parent And This Livestream Is Important Because...

Let me first introduce myself…

I am extremely motivated to make a positive impact in the world by helping people create changes in their health and wellness by making simple swaps with more natural solutions. My passion is helping others, I'm a nurse by profession and I love to help others learn more about supporting a healthier lifestyle!

The reason why we have invited you to sign up for this livestream and to share it with those on need is because families may not know where to turn when a member is diagnosed with Autism and/or Developmental Challenges. My son has autism and every step of the way I learn something new or have to turn to someone that can help me get the best support for my child.

A better quality of life and understanding of how we can accept neurodiversity is something you and your child deserve and our goal for every patient is to help them experience more out of their lives.

Invited by:

Rebecca Rogers

Meet The Lineup Of Speakers And Enjoy This Integrated Schedule

Matthew M. Antonucci, DC, DACNB, FACFN, FABCDD, FABVR, FABNN, FABBIR, FICC is the President, lead clinician, and co-founder at Plasticity Brain Centers.

Joseph Cannizzaro, MD is a primary care physician in the Orlando area who practices functional medicine and believes that integrative medicine can bring conventional and complementary healing modalities together.

Ian Gesundheit, EdD, PhD, is a senior director for Exceptional Student Education at Orange County Public Schools.

Emily Kalambaheti, DC, DACNB is a staff clinician at Plasticity Brain Centers of Orlando who treats children with ASD and other developmental and neurological disorders.

Cyd Charise Williams, MD is a physician who treats adults and children with musculoskeletal injuries and has extensive training in the field of functional medicine and nutrition.

Schedule For The Livestream:

9:15 AM- Opening Remarks by Dr. Antonucci
9:30 AM- Infantile/Primitive Reflexes by Dr. Kalambaheti
10:00 AM- Case Studies of Children with Autism by Dr. Cannizzaro
10:30 AM- Behavioral Basics by Ian Gesundheit
11:00 AM- How Diet May Affect your Child's Success by Dr. Williams
11:30 AM- Sensory-Friendly Children’s Musicals by the Orlando Repertory Theatre
11:45 AM- Closing Remarks by Dr. Antonucci

You will have the opportunity to enjoy this experience in the comfort of your own home and we encourage you to invite anyone you think will benefit.

We Are Excited To Share This Amazing Lineup Of Experts On Saturday, April 7th Starting At 9:00am ET (6am PT)